4 Paws Rescue

4 Paws Rescue is a (501-C) based in Jefferson Island, south of Cardwell, Montana.

We do not have a shelter at present. All adoptable pets are cared for in one volunteer foster home.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to alleviate needless, inhumane suffering of animals and to teach the people of our region a higher level of compassion for the creatures who share our planet with us. We strive to find homes for each and every one until all have a permanent, loving home.


1) Our priority goal is to build a shelter in Madison or Jefferson County! We aim to have it up and running and staffed with caring people.

2) We plan to hold yearly bi-annual public spay/ neuter clinics to assist in reducing the overpopulation of pets.

3) We would like to offer the public an annual vaccination clinic.

4) Once we have a facility, we want to establish an obedience/training program for pet owners and prospective pet owners.

5) To establish a care and public awareness program to educate persons on the needs of all pets.

6) All of our pets are microchipped prior to adoption, with the exception of feral cats.  We do offer community service microchipping.

7)All of our pets are adopted out into loving and permanent homes.

At this date, all of those involved are volunteers. We house all rescues in our private homes, with no paid staff. All volunteers have jobs (within the group) to perform for the good of the animals.

All of our funding for the care of the animals is through donations, grants, fundraisers and BEGGING!!!!


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